Young women’s stories of the city and its peripheries in India’s digital age

 1st to 31st January 2019, Mandi House Metro Station, New Delhi

The ‘Art in Public Places – #AanaJaana: Curating Women’s Digital Stories of the City’  exhibition presented different perspectives of a digital age by young women living in Delhi’s urban peripheries – resettlement colonies, urban villages and border towns. Using visualisations of selected data – participatory maps, photographs, videos and WhatsApp diaries maintained by these women over a period of 6 months, #AanaJaana curates women’s everyday stories of comings and goings in the city. It explored how women on the margins view, understand, and ultimately navigate the city through information and communication technologies (ICT) accessed from their mobile phones. It provokes us to think what mobility means in a context where social media provides real time information on the dangers and freedoms located in the metro, bus, auto rickshaw, and walkways as well as the opportunity to express this in creative and poignant ways. It showed us how women living on the urban peripheries negotiate the ‘freedoms’ of moving (aana) in online space with the ‘dangers’ of going out (jaana) into the city, or the constraints of entering (aana) online space with the constant control over their bodies even when they leave (jaana) home for the city. Through a convergence of art, digital media and architecture, this exhibition demonstrated the potential of urban technology to reveal new gendered inclusions and exclusions in the urban peripheries. 

Our #AanaJaana exhibition was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), UK and is a partnership between King’s College London, Safetipin, Jagori and the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. The exhibition was part of the ‘Art in Public Places’ initiative led by India Habitat Centre and Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC).

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Our exhibition was featured in Outlook MagazineTimes of India, the largest selling English-language daily in the world, Dainik Jagran, India’s largest Hindi-language daily, the King’s College London Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy ‘News and Events Bulletin’ on 8th January 2019 here, the King’s College London Department of International Development official Twitter account, the King’s College London Department of Geography official Twitter account, the King’s India Institute official Twitter account, on the Jagori official Facebook account and official Twitter account and the King’s College London Geography Department News Bulletin Issue 2019/1.